Setting Up A New Restaurant? 2 Tips To Help You Have A Good Opening Day

Posted on: 15 June 2015

If you are setting up a new restaurant, the first time you open your doors is important. You want your customer's first impression to be a good one so they will keep coming back. Below are two tips to help you make your opening day a success.

Use Live Entertainment

Before you do anything, check your local laws. Many cities have regulations for live entertainment. You may need to get a sound permit especially if the music is going to be loud. If you have a quiet band, you may not have to worry about this but you should still check. If you break a law you will be fined, and you may be shut you down for the night.

When considering live entertainment, you need to determine the kind of atmosphere you have. For example, if you have a small quiet restaurant, someone playing the piano and singing softly would work. If you have a restaurant with a bar that gets loud, you could use a rock band.  If you have something in the middle of loud and quiet, a jazz band may work nicely. Look around at other local places that have live entertainment like Water Front Bar And Grill. This will give you an idea of the kind of ambiance you want to set in your own restaurant. 

Before you book anyone, listen to their video recording or demo first. Just because they are a popular band does not mean they are good. It pays to be very picky here. If you book good bands, it can be a win win situation for you and your customers.

Do not have live entertainment every night of the week. You could make it every Friday or Saturday night. People may go to your restaurant during this time just because of the band playing and then end up loving your food so much they will come back on the other nights. 

Make it Clear

Before you open your new restaurant, advertise it around you area letting people know when you are going to be open. Social media is a good way to get the word out. Use a sidewalk sign in front of your restaurant showing the date of your opening day. Use wooden signs and colorful liquid chalk markers to display a colorful sign that people will notice.  

When opening day arrives, put a large banner outside of your restaurant announcing it to everyone.  Consider hiring a sign twirler to stand outside of your restaurant to catch people's attention.

Following these tips should help make some people regulars at your restaurant, and then they will likely tell their friends about you. 


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