Healthy Burger Toppings To Try This Summer

Posted on: 23 June 2015

One of the best parts about summer is biting down into a juicy burger, regardless of whether that burger came off your own grill or the grill at your favorite restaurant. Depending on the toppings that you put on your burger, however, it can easily tip the scale on the calorie count. If you want to enjoy a burger and feel good about it too, consider trying one of these tasty and healthy topping combinations:

The Green Machine With Avocado, Cilantro & Spinach

If you want to keep your burger tasty and healthy, go for the green machine topping combination. Put a few slices of avocado on top of your burger for a dosing of healthy fat. Then add in a few bunches of cilantro for a little extra flavor without the extra calories. Finish it off with a little super food in the form of some crispy spinach leaves. 

Tomato Freshness With Pesto

One of the other best parts of summer is enjoying some fresh and juicy tomatoes. There is no comparison to a summer tomato. Top your burger off with slices of red and yellow summer tomatoes, as well as some freshly-made pesto. The pesto adds that extra kick of flavor to take these topping combinations over the top without adding lots of calories. 

Mango Delight

If you really want to mix things up and add in some more summer flavor, top your burger off with a few slices of fresh mango. Really, all you need is the mango. However, if you would like a little more flavor, you should pair the mango with some homemade honey mustard or with some zesty lemon mayo. Both options will add a little moisture and flavor to your burger without taking away from the great mango taste. 

Roasted Goodness

If the options above do not sound quite like what you are looking for, load up your hamburger with some roasted vegetables. You can easily roast up some bell peppers, zucchinis, onions and garlic to top off your hamburger. It's a great way to enjoy some fresh, nutritious veggies and add flavor to your burger without adding a bunch of calories. 

The next time you go out to a restaurant or sports bar or make a burger at home this summer, mix things up by topping it off with some of the tasty, and healthy, options listed above. Many restaurants offer specialty burgers that might already have some of these toppings, but if not, see if you can make substitutions or "build-your-own" burger. That way, you can keep your calories in check while enjoying one of the best parts of summer.


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