Own A Pizza Restaurant? Learn These Health Benefits Of Eating Pizza

Posted on: 23 June 2015

If you own a pizza restaurant you can boast that  it is one of America's favorite food. For this reason, you may already have a successful restaurant. Whether you do or not, you should learn that there are many health benefits of eating pizza that you may not be aware of. Below are some of these benefits, so you can tell your customers this information if they ask you.

It's all in the Sauce

Tomato sauce is the heart of the pizza, and it contains lycopene, which is a chemical that makes vegetables red in color and offers many health benefits for your customers. Tomatoes are also rich in potassium, which is a mineral that is necessary for your organs to work properly, such as your heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Tomatoes also contain alpha-lipoic acid, which helps convert glucose into energy. Choline is another nutrient found, which helps with memory, learning, muscle movement and sleep. Studies have also been done that shows eating tomatoes helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, which is good for vision health. They are low in calories, saturated fat, and sodium. Tomatoes contain beta-carotene, which can help your customers' skin look great, as it protects their skin from sun damage. This also results in less fine lines and wrinkles which would likely be a great selling point for many people.

Major Food Groups

When your customers eat pizza, they are getting nutrients from the four major food groups: meat, dairy, grains, and fruits and vegetables. Cheese gives your customers calcium, and the dough is a source of antioxidants

They can use vegetables and fruits as toppings, such as green and red peppers, olives, and pineapple.  Meat, such as sausage and chicken, offers healthy proteins.

Offer whole-wheat pizza crusts, or you could make pizza even healthier by offering a cauliflower crust to give your customers more options. Offer a pizza crust made with coconut flour instead of white flower as one of your options so you can tell your customers you have even healthier crust to offer them.

Place an advertisement in your restaurant listing these health benefits. You could also use a section of your menu listing the different ingredients and the health benefits of each one. Consider making up flyers to hand out to potential customers. Many pizza restaurants likely do not tell their customers this information, which may make your pizza restaurant one of the most popular around.


Enjoying Your Dinner

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