Want To Maximize Space At Your Wedding Banquet Facility? Use This Cake Centerpiece Trick

Posted on: 24 June 2015

Planning a wedding is hard work. You're likely seeking out the best decorations and the best banquet services you can find. If you would like a little more space in your banquet hall for dancing, mingling and all the other activities that go on at a wedding reception, you can save space by eliminating the cake table and using cakes as centerpieces. This guide explains how to do this while still taking part in the tradition of the bride and groom cutting the cake.

Setting Up the Cakes on the Guest Tables

Many banquet services offer cake serving platters and cake knives. Ask the manager to set up round cake serving platters, with a stand, in the center of each table. Additionally, asked them to set up the cake knives on the table, alongside the platter.

Determine the amount of tables that you will have for guests. Ask your baker to create that amount of round cakes.

Go with a variety of different flavors to ensure that there is a different flavor cake on each table. However, try to stick with the same color of icing for each cake, so that your overall wedding theme is not disrupted.

On the day of the wedding, have one cake placed on each serving platter in the center of the tables. If you would like something a little more vibrant, place some greenery or flowers around the base of the platter on the table.

When it is time to eat the cake, one guest at each table can cut the cake. Encourage your guests to grab a plate, and visit various tables to try the different flavors.

Setting Up the Cake For the Bride and Groom

If you are like many other couples, you want to stick with the tradition of the bride and groom cutting the cake. No worries, this can still be accomplished easily by using a two-tiered cake for the centerpiece of the bridal party table.

When it is time to cut the cake, cut the bottom layer with your partner, and have someone at the banquet services facility box up the top layer for you to freeze, and then thaw out and eat on your first anniversary.

Play around with different decorations to put on the table at the base of each cake platter. Not only will you save room in your banquet services facility, but you'll also save money because the cakes serve not only as your wedding cake, but also as your centerpieces well. Ask a banquet services professional (such as one from Lucarelli's Banquet Center) for more ideas on how to make the most out of the small banquet facility space, and to add uniqueness to your wedding reception.


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