Indian Food Dishes For Children's Palates

Posted on: 8 July 2015

When you think of Indian food, hot and spicy curry and unusual ingredient combinations often come to mind. For kids, this type of food might seem extremely unappealing and definitely not as delicious as an ice cream sundae. So how do you encourage your kids to try something new and introduce them to Indian food? Here are a few dishes they might enjoy that can be a great way to introduce them to this exotic cuisine.

Aloo Masala

The word "aloo" actually means potato, and most kids enjoy eating them. Masala can be any combination of flavors and spices that you choose. It does not have to be extremely hot but the dish should incorporate at least a bit of Indian taste and flair. Typically the potatoes are mashed, but you could also bake them, boil them, or even fry them and then add the sauce as you choose.

Chicken Curry (On The Mild Side)

Chicken curry is a staple dish of Indian food, and curry means that the flavor is usually quite spicy. But you don't have to make a version of chicken curry that will burn your kid's taste buds. Instead, make a creamy sauce using yogurt and very small portions of curry powder. A good suggestion is to add a very small amount, have your child try it, and then you can always add more if they like it. This is a great way to expose kids to Indian flavors slowly.

Saang Paneer

This Indian dish may be a bit of a challenge since it comprised of vegetables and a myriad of flavors like cumin and turmeric. The dish consists of chopped spinach and Indian cheese, but you may substitute it with any type of cheese your child chooses. Other ingredients like onion and ginger are also added, but they might not appeal to the younger crowd. Fortunately this is a versatile Indian dish that you can make easily and add or detract from the ingredients as you like. 

Dal Makhani

While this is a rich, creamy dish, it is also completely vegetarian. The main ingredients of the dish are lentils and kidney beans. Make sure that all of the beans are very soft before combining ingredients so that it's not only easy to eat but that it also tastes appealing. Other ingredients in this classic Indian dish include tomato puree, garlic, and ginger. This dish may appeal more to older kids, but it's certainly worth trying on the younger set if you'd like them to give some Indian food a try.

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