Creating A Work Holiday Party That Can't Be Missed

Posted on: 24 July 2015

Traditionally many companies host a holiday party for their employees at the end of December. Too often these parties are stuffy and feel like more work. Follow these tips to create a holiday party that your employees look forward to each year.

Casual Location

One of the biggest problems is that many employers think that a holiday party needs to be a fancy affair. This is not the case. Create a casual environment where coworkers can mingle, relax and actually enjoy themselves. A bar and grill restaurant like Buzzard Billy's, with a private room or area is the best way to do this.

Advertising the local bar and grill as the location for the event immediately tells your employees what they can expect. They know that they can dress as casually as they would like. They can show up in jeans and a t-shirt and not be out of place. Those who wish to dress up a little more will also fit right in with the atmosphere and décor of the establishment.

Plan Your Buffet

Work with the restaurant kitchen ahead of time to order the buffet you will be serving. Your employees are going to remember whether there was enough food and whether or not they were able to find something that they liked.

Have two main entrees for your party, wings and pizza. You want to have at least two types of wings. One should be easy to eat, without a lot of sauce on it, and not very spicy. The second type of wings can be the bar and grill signature style or some other variation.

You should also have at least two types of pizza. Remember that you are trying to create a memorable experience, so order the specialty pizza. The food you order is not just about feeding hungry people. It is about creating a memorable experience. Order memorable food like deep dish Chicago style or chicken bacon artichoke pizza.

Set Up the Bar

The easiest option is to let everyone know ahead of time that soda and tap beer will be free of charge for the night. If someone wants a specialty drink they will have to pay for it themselves. This way you are still offering drinks for the group, but you are not going to end up with an extremely high bar tab at the end of the night.

Keep Speeches at a Minimum

Finally, remember that this is a holiday party not a company retreat. If there has to be any speeches keep it short and to the point. The only announcement that should be made is a bonus announcement, otherwise, save it for later. Feel free to compliment your workers on a year of hard work, but let them know that this is a time for them. 


Enjoying Your Dinner

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