4 Tips For Creating The Perfect Grilled Chicken Tonight

Posted on: 3 November 2015

Chicken is such a popular meat because it is easy to change its flavor. Just because you are grilling your chicken does not mean you should skimp out on preparing the chicken. Here are a few great ways to make sure that your grilled chicken tastes extra flavorful for dinner tonight.

Purchase The Best Chicken

Getting a great piece of grilled chicken starts when you go to the grocery store. Although it can be tempting to pick up the cheapest package of chicken you see, that is not the way to go if you want to have really tasty grilled chicken tonight.

For chicken that really tastes great, check out the meat counter for chicken that was raised locally or is certified as organically raised. Chicken that is raised in a fair and ethical manner can taste better than chicken raised on an overcrowded chicken farm. Although you probably don't want to think about how the chicken was raised when you are shopping, paying attention to this is a great way to ensure that your chicken tastes great.

Marinate Your Chicken

One of the best things about chicken is how it easily absorbs flavor. After you purchase your chicken, you should stick it inside of a plastic bag or inside of glass container with some marinades.

You can purchase a pre-made marinade from your local grocery store, or you can make your own. You can create just about any flavor you like, from Jamaican jerk to lemon to teriyaki. The key is to let the chicken marinate for at least a couple of hours before you throw it on the grill.

Grill Your Chicken

When it comes time to throw your chicken on the grill, make sure that you have a nice, steady flame going. If you didn't marinate your chicken, coat it with a little bit of olive oil before you throw it on the grill so that it doesn't stick to it.

Keep an eye on your chicken. Wait until it looks nice and cooked and no longer raw before you flip the chicken over. Don't slice open the chicken to figure out if it is done; this will let out the juices and dry out that section of chicken if it needs to stay on the grill longer. Instead, stick an instant read meat thermometer inside of your chicken to determine if it is done. This will keep your chicken juice and will not compromise the taste.

Add Sauce And Glaze At The End

If you want to add any sauces or glazes to your chicken, you should wait until it is just about done. IF you add it too early, the sauce will just get burned and scorched. In order to allow the sauce to really add a little extra flavor to your chicken, add it in the last few minutes of the grilling process. That will give it enough time to warm up and soak into the chicken without getting burned.

The key to a great piece of grilled chicken is to purchase high-quality chicken, marinate it, carefully pay attention to the internal temperature, and add the glaze at the end. If you follow these tips you are sure to have a tasty dinner tonight. For more information, try emulating a local restaurant that serves chicken (such as Cochran's Cafeteria).


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