Three Mistakes To Avoid With Your Startup Restaurant

Posted on: 15 January 2016

If you are about to open a restaurant for the first time or you are thinking about starting a restaurant, there several important aspects of this type of business that you need to understand. There are common mistakes that entrepreneurs make with restaurants that can mean a quick exit as a business owner. These mistakes are often unique to the restaurant business, so if this is your first time in the food service business, then you should pay attention to the following common mistakes that are made by beginning restaurateurs.

Not documenting kitchen procedures

There is not much room for failure when you are preparing and serving food to the public. You need to have procedures for handling the food as well as anything relating to hygiene that might affect your product. These procedures should be easy to teach to new employees. If a customer gets sick at your restaurant, not only will you lose that customer, but you could also have your business shut down. Examples of needed procedures are those related to the cleaning of kitchen equipment, cooking utensils, as well as the storage of food.

Not testing your menu items enough

Naturally, you have already taken the steps to make sure the recipes for the dishes on the menu are tasty, but you need to take it a step further and make sure that they can be made by others. Unless you plan on doing all of the food preparation, all of your menu items must be made repeatedly by other people. The entire procedure must be easily learned by others and followed with consistency so the food will taste the same at each visit by your customers. In addition, keep your menu as simple as possible, at least in the beginning. Even if the recipes are simple, too many recipes can confuse your employees.

Not giving your business enough time to succeed

Although repeat customers are considered one the essential elements to business success, it usually takes more time to achieve this with a restaurant. You must have enough money to keep your business doors open while you build up a clientele. There are many businesses that can start selling their product from day one and sell a lot, but people can only eat so much food. Even when customers visit your restaurant for the first time and enjoy your food, it may take several weeks for them to come back.

Opening a restaurant can be exciting and rewarding, but take your time and plan ahead before opening your doors. Keeping these three mistakes in mind will help you succeed.


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