Starting To Leave Your Young Teen At Home Alone? How To Build Trust And Make Things Easy

Posted on: 31 March 2016

Are your young teens old enough to be home by themselves, but you worry when you aren't home as early as you would like to be from work? If so, there are some things that you can do to make it easier for your kids, so you don't have to worry as much about their safety.

Setting the ground rules and expecting your teen to follow them doesn't always work. Here are some things you may want to consider doing as you build your trust in your teen to be home alone.

Disconnect the Wi-Fi

Have the Wi-Fi disconnected, or set a security code so your child can't access the Internet while you aren't home. There are several dangers that your child is exposed to when they are on the Internet without supervision, and you don't want your child to get into trouble without your knowledge. If they have a cell phone with access to data, you should see if you can set a security code for that as well. This can help you regulate who they talk to and what they're looking at.

Order Food Online

Are you worried that you can't get home to cook dinner in time, or that your teen can't cook? Use online ordering to have food delivered from your favorite local restaurants, and then your teen doesn't have to wait to eat. You can order food online with your credit or debit card in advance, and then the teen doesn't have to use the stove or any other appliances to have dinner.

Facetime and Have a First Time Pick-Up Rule

Facetime your child at any time and make it a rule that they must have their phone or tablet near them, and they must answer the first time you call. This way you can tell if there is someone else in the house, or if your teen was doing something they shouldn't have and suspiciously couldn't get to the phone.

Set the Home Security Alarm

Is it a rule that your child must do homework and chores and can't go outside because they have things that need to be done around the house? To make sure that they don't go out, and that no one else comes in, you'll want to set the home security alarm and monitor it from your smart phone so you can see if any doors are opened.

These are just a few of the things that you can do when you are starting to leave your teen at home alone. Talk with the neighbors to see if they can be ready to check on your teen if you suspect there is a problem, and work to build trust so you can leave your teen home with confidence.     


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