Want To Go To A Restaurant On A Tight Budget? Try Out Alternatives To A Standard Meal

Posted on: 19 April 2016

When you do not have much money to spare, going to a restaurant is not the best idea. But, while a lot of people go out to eat with the intention to have an appetizer, drink, entrée, and dessert, this is not something that you need to do to enjoy going out to a restaurant for the dine-in experience. You can follow numerous alternatives that help you stick to even the tightest budget for dining.

Feast on Appetizers                

Appetizers are often the first thing you see on the menu, and while most people do not stop there, you could spend all of your time looking at them and deciding what to eat from there. These foods are perfect for when you are going with other people that are on a budget and willing to share appetizers. Also, happy hours commonly have alcoholic drinks and appetizers on discount, so make sure to research local restaurants to see if they offer any promotions on certain days or at specific times of the day.

Share an Entrée

When an entrée makes its way out to the dining floor, it looks like it is made for one person. But, most restaurants are more than willing to split an entrée into two portions on two plates. Since you are on a tight budget, you will want to watch out for split plate charges as they can increase your costs.

Go for Dessert

It is easy to eat affordably at home, especially with rice, beans, and potatoes being so cheap to buy. So, you may want to take care of lunch or dinner at home and just go out to eat for dessert. It is even possible to find restaurants that only serve dessert, so it opens up a lot of options for you.

Just Get Drinks

While alcoholic drinks are usually marked up quite a bit, you can go for happy hours to save money. But, another option is to go to restaurants that serve specialty drinks, such as teas or Italian sodas, which allow you to get something to drink that you would not normally find at a local grocery store. If you really want a cocktail, you can order non-alcoholic versions of drinks such as a julep, spiced punch, or pina colada.

Eating at a restaurant does not have to come with a large bill at the end of your meal. When you use one of these methods, you can still enjoy going to restaurants when you do not have much money to spend.


Enjoying Your Dinner

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