First Date? Five Reasons To Take Her To An Italian Restaurant

Posted on: 7 July 2016

If you are puzzled about where to take that special someone for a memorable first date, consider going out to an Italian meal. These restaurants are the perfect venue for getting to know someone better, such as a date with someone that you want to know more about. Furthermore, it is easy to find Italian eating establishments widely, in almost every region.

An Italian restaurant is the perfect spot for a first date for these five reasons:

  1. The food. It can be tough to know your date's dietary preferences or restrictions, which is a great reason to think Italian food. These establishments usually have at least one vegetarian option, and if all else fails, you can have a bowl of plain pasta. There is a good chance that an Italian restaurant will have something to offer to even the pickiest of eaters.
  2. The wine. If you are thinking about a cocktail or two, most Italian eateries offer wine in a more relaxed setting than you would find at a bar. Your waiter may be able to suggest some distinctive varietals to pair with your food, and you will look like a sommelier when you take charge and order the wine for your table.
  3. The mood. Make sure to set things off right by making a reservation so you don't sabotage the evening by arriving to find that no tables are available. There is a warm, welcoming vibe in most Italian eateries; people are typically friendly and engaging. This mood is perfect for a first date!
  4. The atmosphere. Though it varies from place to place, most Italian restaurants are fairly informal and casual. While you and your date may be dressed up, neither of you will be embarrassed by showing up underdressed or overdressed for the venue. It bears repeating that calling the establishment ahead of time can clarify if the restaurant has a dress code in place.
  5. The music. Sometimes it can be awkward to try to make conversation all evening, so a place with some music can help to fill the uncomfortable silences and take some of the pressure off. Some Italian restaurants will have a live musician playing or moving around the room, serenading the clientele. This gives you the unique opportunity to make a request and impress your date.

Skip the movie and the mall; take your date for a fine meal at an Italian restaurant. The food, drink, mood, atmosphere, and more add up to a fun evening while getting to know a little more about your date. No one will leave the table hungry, and you are bound to make a favorable impression on that special someone!

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