Impress Your Investors with a Fun, Themed Private Dining Night

Posted on: 31 October 2016

If your company is looking to host a dinner party for current or potential investors, then one thing you should consider is to host it in a private dining room and have a theme. Investors are used to being wooed by fancy dinners, so one way to make your company stand out is to have a unique atmosphere. Below are a couple suggestions. The first is a great fun, upbeat atmosphere that is great for a casual dinner party. The second one is more intimate, and better for dinners where you want to keep the atmosphere low key.

Oktoberfest Anytime of The Year

A really fun idea is to rent a private dining room and host an Oktoberfest style event. You should look for a restaurant or bar/grill that has a good draft beer selection since beer is a big part of the event. A wine bar with a private room is not what you are looking for. You should get the chef to draw up a menu that features some German classics such as bratwurst, wiener schnitzel, and authentic sauerkraut (the fermented style, not the stuff in a can). You should also get waiters to dress up in lederhosen. If the room has speakers, then you can play some German music. Keep the volume low; you don't want to blare polka music so loud that your investors won't hear your pitch.

French Bistro Atmosphere

Another cool idea is to have a small, French bistro set up. This is great for investor dinners where you don't have a lot of people and the idea of an Oktoberfest party might be overwhelming. A bistro can be setup in a small private dining room. You can outfit the room with classic art nouveau posters and low lighting. The menu should feature French classics such as quiche, beef bourguignon, coq au vin, and chocolate mousse. It's also important to have French wine on hand. You wouldn't want to serve a California or New Zealand wine. If the restaurant doesn't stock those wines, you could speak to the sommelier about picking some up for your event.

There's no real "unique" outfit for the waitstaff at a French bistro, but, if you want to go all out, you could put an add in Craigslist or contact local catering agencies for French speaking waitstaff. They would speak in English to your investors, but they could make the scene more authentic by adding a believable French accent. For music, you could pipe in some low level Edith Piaf.

To learn more about ways to put on an impressive dinner for your investors, talk to a private dining company in your area.


Enjoying Your Dinner

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